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As a researcher I engage in a number of projects all at the intersection of environmental psychology, environmental justice and natural resource management.

Creole Environmentalism

This project seeks to understand the ways in which the Maroon population in the Caribbean have defined their existence with the physical environment. It seeks to understand the ways in which Maroon environmental knowledge and practices shape their worldview and develop a typology of this worldview.

Photo by Adam Cohn

Environmental outcomes of MUSO, Haiti

This project examines the microfiance group called Mutual Solidarity Organization (MUSO) in Haiti. This group began as a social experiment by an NGO in Haiti as a way to creative access to micro loans for the most marginalized communities in the country. This project examines the environmental outcomes of this group in partnership with local partners in Haiti.

2015-05-22 12.25.01.jpg

Decolonial Environmental Worldviews (TM)

This project examines the environmental wold views of activists throughout the Caribbean region. The project seeks to understand the typology of a Decolonial Environmental Worldview (DEW) that exists within the region and by extension in other postcolonial states.

20220707_095619clmiate story_0.jpg

Photo of bridge to Moore Town by Adam Cohn (2020)

Barbados UNICEF, 2022

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